¥3000-6000 收藏 申请职位 Chu Qian Customer Service ¥ 3000-6000

Chugan Customer Service

/月 ¥ 3000-6000 / month
不限经验|不限学历 Jinjiang City-Unlimited | Unlimited Experience | Unlimited Education
2019-12-29 update
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Miss Zhou
Last online time: 2019-12-26 09:12
Address: 4th Floor, Building 2, No. 236 Hongshan Road, Qingyang Street, Jinjiang City, Quanzhou City, Fujian Province
description of job
到岗时间:不限 年龄要求:不限 性别要求:不限 婚况要求:不限 Number of Recruitment: Several Arrival Time: No Age Requirements: No Gender Requirements: No Marriage Requirements: No Limit

I. Post requirements:
We sincerely welcome interns or fresh graduates who love e-commerce, whether you are an e-commerce major or have experience in e-commerce, but as long as you love electronics, have some understanding, plan your career path and want to develop in e-commerce, we welcome you To our company.

1. Starting from e-commerce Xiaobai, your promotion path is: pre-sales customer service-after-sales customer service-operation assistant-operation supervisor-operation manager. We have a strong domestic trade operation team and a Tmall store with monthly sales of 4-5 million.
2. If you have an English level of 4 or 6, or other small languages, like cross-border e-commerce, we also have a bloody cross-border industry waiting for you. We are Alibaba global partners, Alibaba gold and silver stores, and 10 Amazon stores Wait; from foreign trade intern-foreign trade clerk-foreign trade supervisor-foreign trade manager.
3. If the above two points are not of interest to you, we still need designers, human administration, logistics specialists, purchasing specialists, product manager positions, you can take the initiative to contact us.

Second, salary and benefits:
[Salary structure] Basic salary + performance commission + full attendance benefits + room and board subsidy benefits + perfect promotion mechanism + 2 salary adjustment opportunities per year;
[Paid vacation] Enjoy nationally prescribed holidays, annual leave, and physiological leave for girls;
[Corporate culture] Morning group building + bonus points + super hi festival + occasional party dinner + training and learning + happy and loving team atmosphere;
[Working day system] 8: 30-12: 0013: 30-18: 00 single and double holiday, 5.5 days working system [contact phone] 0595-85600321 13305087417 Miss Zeng [recruitment email]
[Company address] 4th floor, Building 2, No. 236 Hongshan Road, Hongshan Cultural and Creative Park, Qingyang Street, Jinjiang City [Bus route] Lilang bus station, senior university station (you can call for advice, and you can also navigate)

3. Preliminary evaluation:
In order to save your valuable time, our company needs you to do an assessment question before the interview for preliminary identification. If your talent matches our position, we will invite you to come for an interview; if your talent does not match our position, you can avoid the toil of running back and forth, I hope you understand!

Questions for the evaluation system:
1. The whole set of questions takes about 30-40 minutes; there are 4 modules in total, and there can be a break between each module.
2. When doing a question, it is best to keep the surrounding environment quiet, not to be disturbed, not to be distracted. Too many questions will affect the result.
3. Relax and choose the answer according to your first feeling. Don't think too long. Each page will have a time limit.
4. Be sure to answer according to your first feeling. There is a polygraph detection function.
5. Go to and register your account with your mobile phone number and name.
Please tell me when you are done, thank you! I wish you a happy task!

Job Search Reminder: Please do not pay for the job search process, beware of fraud! If the information is not true, please report it.
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About Gogou Gouquan Quanzhou Gogou E-commerce Co., Ltd. was formally established in May 2013. It is an e-commerce company that focuses on creating cross-industry products such as baby and baby products, floor mats, daily necessities, toys, shoes and clothing. Since its inception, the company has adhered to either the first or the only development concept, and formed a professional data team and an e-commerce operation team. Through big data analysis, in-depth study of consumer behaviors and habits, to create competitive and distinctive products.

The core of Gogoshou Strategy Gogoshou positions itself as a small and beautiful brand incubator. After 6 years of development, Gogoshou has strongly returned to the local brand of Jinjiang. Through existing sales channels at home and abroad, it has successfully created sub-categories such as splicing mats, folding cribs, magnetic educational toys, plush toys, and date walnuts. Leading domestic and cross-border e-commerce sales. At the same time, Gou Gou reached an in-depth cooperation with the Australian Pharmaceutical Group FPA, launched the New Seat project, and successfully led the baby nutrition-lactoferrin subcategory; created the original design brand PlayMaty, which is designed for people's home life. carpet.

Gogoshou's vision for the future In the next 5 years, Gogoshou will continue to deepen cooperation with local supply chains with the goal of changing Quanzhou and changing the world, integrating cultural and scientific and technological innovation products, encouraging bold innovation, creating beautiful products, and helping together Push forward the transformation and upgrading of traditional manufacturing enterprises in Quanzhou, incubate brand upgrades, and build a broader talent development space, so that talents from all walks of life can realize platform entrepreneurship and become a truly small and beautiful brand incubator.

Honors received by Gogoshou
2014 Jinjiang Best Innovative Enterprise
2014 Vice President Unit of Jinjiang Network Chamber of Commerce
Jinjiang Youth Civilization 2014
2014 Annual Best Chinese Merchants in the Same City
Top 10 Most Growing Enterprises in Southern Fujian E-commerce in 2014
2014 Deputy Secretary General Unit of Quanzhou Youth Electronic Commerce Association
2014 Best Supplier of the First Cross-border E-commerce Entrepreneurship Competition in Jinjiang
2015 Deputy Secretary General Unit of Quanzhou Youth Electronic Commerce Association
2015 Quanzhou Youth Entrepreneurship Promotion Association Mentor Unit
2015 Quanzhou Institute of Technology Specially Appointed Committee Expert Unit
Council member of Fujian Youth Entrepreneurship Promotion Association in 2015
2015 Top Ten Innovative Enterprises in Jinjiang City
2016 Jinjiang Most Corporate Culture Creative System Award
2016 Quanzhou Haixi Entrepreneurship Guidance Unit
2017 Top Ten E-commerce Leading Enterprises in Quanzhou
2017 Quanzhou Haixi Entrepreneurship Guidance Unit
Executive Chairman Unit of Jinjiang Online Chamber of Commerce in 2017
2016-2017 Jinjiang May Fourth Red Banner Group
2017 strong landing in Fujian Youth Innovation GEM Board
2018-2019 Quanzhou Cross-border E-commerce Association Active Contribution Award Unit
Best Contribution Award Unit of Jinjiang Online Chamber of Commerce 2018-2019
2018-2019 Quanzhou Cross-border E-commerce Association Vice President Unit

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