¥3000-6000 收藏 申请职位 Foreign trade clerk ¥ 3000-6000
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Foreign trade clerk

/月 ¥ 3000-6000 / month
不限经验|不限学历|可接受应届生 Licheng District- | Unlimited Experience | Unlimited Educational | Accepting Freshmen
2019-12-29 update
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contact details
Miss Hu
Last online time: 2019-10-23 11:10
显示号码 Phone: 1590 **** 7976 Display number
Address: No. 102 Furong Street, Industrial and Auto Parts City, Changtai Street
description of job
到岗时间:不限 年龄要求:18-25岁 性别要求:女 婚况要求:不限 Number of Recruitment: Several Arrival Times: Unlimited Age Requirements: 18-25 Years Gender Requirements: Female Marriage Requirements: Unlimited
Language requirements: English

【job requirements】
1. Business / Economics / Foreign Trade English, International Economics and Trade and other related majors, college degree or above.
English CET-6 or above, non-English CET-4 or above.
2. Fluent in spoken English and proficient in writing. Familiar with the basic process of international trade and the production of various documents.
3. Skilled in using office software.
4. High sense and sense of responsibility. Strong communication and learning skills.
5, understand Alibaba, Amazon and other platform operations are preferred.
【Job Responsibilities】
1. Actively participate in product knowledge and Alibaba operation training.
2. Handle customer inquiries and emails in time to complete Alibaba's daily basic operations.
3. Follow-up and reporting of daily proofing, printing, production, packaging and shipment.
4. Complete the sales goals set by the company.
5. Actively develop new customers and carefully maintain old customers.
[Company platform]
Two Alibaba international stations, the Spring and Autumn Fair.
[Company Treatment]
Treatment: High salary (1.5% waterproof bag, 2.5% water bag). Double pay at the end of the year, medical social security, and accommodation.
7.5-hour workday with regular rest on Sundays.

8: 30-12: 00, 13: 30-17: 30

Job Search Reminder: Please do not pay for the job search process, beware of fraud! If the information is not true, please report it.
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Quanzhou Yetu Sports Goods Co., Ltd. was established in February 2015 as a subsidiary of Quanzhou Jiayi Plastic Products Factory. The company specializes in R & D and production of outdoor sports water bags and waterproof bags. All products use high-frequency hot-pressing technology to ensure 100% waterproof performance. Products are widely used in various outdoor sports, such as cycling, running, rafting, mountain climbing, camping and so on. The company has its own injection molding factory and professional design, production and business teams. After years of hard work, the company has established good trade relations at home and abroad. All materials have passed environmental testing or FDA certification and are mainly sold to North American and European markets. As the business continues to expand, we welcome like-minded colleagues to join our team and grow together. Quanzhou Yetu Sport Goods Co., Ltd was established in 2015. Its parent company is Quanzhou Jiayi Plastic Manufactory which is a professional water bladder manufacturer. Yetu Locates in Quanhou City, Fujian Province, about 100km to Xiamen International port. Our main business are outdoor waterproof products and water bladder, such as waterproof backpack, dry bag, duffle bag and water bladder / bottle. All the series are made by heat press, and can be 100% water resistant.They can be widely used for outdoor activities like bicycle, running, boating, hiking and camping. With many years' experiences and hard work of every member around us, we are glad to see our products have built a solid reputation in domestic and abroad market. Abroad main markets are in US, Europe and Middle East. Since this year, we start to pay more attention on South America and plan to increase sales volume exceed USD5,000,000. With our own plastic factory, reliable long-term cooperated material suppliers and professional print ing team, new style products are developed every month.Of course, OEM service is accepted. If you are interested in some items, please feel free to contact us.We sincerely welcome your inquiry and visit!

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