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Property consultant 5000-8000 yuan / month

诚聘英才 Quanzhou Shibang Real Estate Consulting Co., Ltd.
工资按时发放 Quanzhou Experience: Unlimited Education: High School Wages Are Paid On Time
1-21, Fulin Huacheng, Middle Section of Jinhuai Street, Fengze District, Quanzhou Tel: Ministry of Manpower 28282388/15259053035
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Recruitment requirements:

Job description 1. Men and women are not limited, boys are 168 or more, girls are 158 or more, with or without experience;, cheerful, quick-thinking, strong communication and negotiation skills; 3. love the real estate industry and sales With passion and enterprising spirit; 4. The company provides professional paid training (base salary 2000-3000), and the working environment is easy and comfortable; 5. Work place: downtown Quanzhou, Fengze, Licheng, Qiaonan, Nanan Both can be selected; 6. Salary and bonus are abundant, and monthly settlement; (no responsibility basic salary + paid training + high commission + irregular sales reward + accommodation + 7, multiple real estate for sale and new projects to be entered. Job responsibilities: 1. Formulate personal sales plan. Plan to sell strictly in accordance with the company's sales price and delivery standards; 2. Responsible for the company's real estate promotion, receive customers to promote transactions; 3. Master customer needs, identify and follow up potential customers, Good tracking and contact with customers; 4. Warm reception, meticulous explanation, patient service, and provide customers with satisfactory services; 5. Responsible for market information feedback, regular sales According to the transaction and customer data analysis and evaluation; 1, male or female, tall and more than 168 boys and girls height 158, without experience can;

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contact details:

Contact Information: Miss Gui
Phone: Ministry of Manpower 28282388/15259053035

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