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E-commerce customer service 4000-8000 yuan / month

诚聘英才 Quanzhou Jinsheng Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.
工资按时发放 Quanzhou Experience: Unlimited Education: Secondary School Salary Payment on Time
Haixi Electronic Information Industry Incubation Base of Kexi Road, High-tech Industrial Park, Fengze District, Quanzhou City, Fujian Province
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Recruitment requirements:

1. Responsible for the development, maintenance and management of new and old customers in this sales area! 2. Responsible for customer service of Alibaba B2B (Chinese station), provide service support for domestic customers, maintain good reputation and good credit of the store; 3. Responsible for management and operation of Alibaba store. Related benefits: 1. Work time: 8 hours / day, 6 days off (big and small weeks) 2. Salary range: 4000-8000 yuan / month 3. Accommodation: Accommodation can be provided 4 years ago, welcome to call You can also enjoy: a. 6 days off on a monthly basis + medical social security; b. Basic salary + personal commission + year-end bonus; c. Expansion more than twice a year + outdoor activities + training; d. A good office environment (incubation base is National demonstration park); e. A good living environment (the company is located in the prosperous center of the east of the city); f. Paid annual leave, marriage, maternity leave, sick leave, funeral leave; g. Holiday benefits, birthday benefits, wedding gifts, full attendance Awards, meal supplements, housing subsidies, working age awards, year-end awards, out-post training, entrepreneurship support, bonus shares and other benefits; h. Relaxed and pleasant working atmosphere, led by nice colleagues, irregular team activities; i. Mid-Autumn Festival Bakery, tail teeth dinner, and occasional staff outdoor activities + dinner. j. Opportunities for company partners;

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contact details:

Contact Information: Mr. Zheng
Phone: 0595-22356961 / 15880988389

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