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诚聘英才 Welcome to Quanzhou Welcome Hotel
工资按时发放 Quanzhou Experience: Unlimited Education: Secondary School Salary Payment on Time
No.168 Tonggang East Street, Fengze District, Quanzhou City: You can take the bus K503 / K510 / 14 and get off at the junction of Ying Hotel, and then ride the little yellow bike. (Near Quanzhou Forest Park, opposite Peak Sports) Contact time: 8: 30-12: 00 14: 00-17: 30 Telephone: 0595-28239999-805180558053
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Recruitment requirements:

Work content: 1. Assist the sales and marketing manager and the sales and sales manager to handle the file work. 2, answer the phone, communicate messages and urgent fax work. 3. Prepare the required documents for the regular meeting of the department, be responsible for the minutes, and archive the records after the meeting. 4. Responsible for copying and organizing the daily work log of the department, and submit it to the supervisor in time. 5. Count and make monthly sales day reports and attendance reports. 6. Responsible for the application and storage of office supplies. Requirements: 1. Skilled in using office software, quick response and good language skills. 2. Strong sense of responsibility, positive and practical, and strong teamwork spirit. No need to participate in sales tasks Search keywords: administrative clerks personnel clerks

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Contact Information: Recruitment Team
Phone: 0595-28239999-8051 \ 8055 \ 8053

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