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Negotiable foreign trade business leaders

诚聘英才 Jinjiang Zhongcheng Rain Gear Co., Ltd. is looking for talents
工资按时发放 Jinjiang City Experience: Education: College salary is paid on time
Xiaoxia Industrial Zone, Dongshi Town, Jinjiang City, Fujian ProvinceTel: 13115999191
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Recruitment requirements:

Salary and benefits: 1. Work 8 hours a day, take 1.5 days a week off, national holiday leave; 2. apply for medical social security; 3. year-end bonus; 4. birthday subsidies; 5. provide accommodation, meal supplements; 6, performance bonuses; 7 Holiday benefits; 8. Professional training; 9. Opportunities to go abroad; Job requirements 1. Familiar with import and export related business and have certain business experience; 2. Strong management ability, able to comprehensively manage various tasks of the department and lead the team to complete Sales tasks; 3. Independent development of customer resource channels; 4. Responsible for formulating and implementing annual, quarterly, and monthly sales plans; 5. Responsible for the entire sales team, with revenue linked to the performance of the entire team, and revenue is not capped. 6. Bachelor degree or above in foreign trade or English major, with solid foreign trade knowledge in CET 6 or above, familiar with foreign trade terminology and procedures, able to bear hardships and stand hard work, have a strong sense of work responsibility, and have good professional conduct; ★ Interested parties please contact Mr. Xiao directly : 13115999191

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contact details:

Contact Information: Mr. Xiao
Phone: 13115999191

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