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Customer service supervisor 3500-6000 yuan / month

诚聘英才 Yonggaoren Children's Products Co., Ltd.
工资按时发放 Experience in Luojiang District: Education: salary of junior high school is paid on time
Heyang Industrial Zone, Heshi Town, Luojiang District, Quanzhou City, take buses 10, 43, 11 and other buses, and vests and Luoxi special lines to get off at the Shilang General Junction or 42 to 310 County Road.Tel: 0595- 22651630 to 862 or Ms. Yang: 13505037402 (recruitment line, do not disturb other business)
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Recruitment requirements:

Job responsibilities: 1. Training, assessment and selection of new customer service; 2. Management work and performance evaluation management of online customer service personnel; 3. Participating in the formulation and implementation of customer service processes, service standards, and customer service work plans; 4. Responsible for handling customers Complaints, handle complaint information in a timely manner in accordance with customer complaints in accordance with certain procedures, and promptly inform customers of the feedback within the prescribed time limit, improve customer satisfaction, and do a good job in managing complaint information; 5. Organize pre-sales and after-sales work, Improve the level of customer service sales and after sales; 6. Timely organize relevant personnel to return visits and survey customers to collect customer feedback on products and services; organize and conduct customer service activities to strengthen contact with customers. Requirements: 1. More than 2 years of customer service experience on Taobao or other B2C websites; 2. Familiar with online store operation and operating rules; 3. Skilled use of office software such as word and excel; 3. Understand consumer psychology and strong language skills, Good at communication, can answer and recommend to customers in a short time; 4. Strong sense of service, adaptability and ability to deal with problems on the spot, affinity, good psychological quality, better language expression ability and management Ability contact: Mr. Lin Contact: 18016612316

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contact details:

Contact Information: Human Resources
Tel: 0595-22651630 ext. 862 or Ms. Yang: 13505037402 (recruitment line, do not disturb other business)

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