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Inspector Negotiable

诚聘英才 Jinjiang Hesheng Machinery Co., Ltd. is looking for talents
工资按时发放 Jinjiang City Experience: Education: Secondary School Salary Is Paid On Time
No. 6 Wushan Industrial Zone, Anhai Town, Jinjiang City (Headquarters) / Mingsheng Machinery (New Factory), Hailian Pioneering Park, Shuitou Town, Nan'an City
招聘所有职位 Company profile Recruiting all positions
Recruitment requirements:

I have been engaged in quality inspection for 2 years in a machinery factory, and have a strong sense of responsibility and can bear hardships.

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contact details:

Contact information: Mr. Chen, Mr. Wu
Contact Tel: 15805088366 (Chen), 13788833384 (Wu), (Landline) 26968366, 85787366

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