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Administrative Commissioner (Xiamen to Work) Negotiable

诚聘英才 Quanzhou Youjiumei Trading Co., Ltd. is looking for talents
工资按时发放 Huli District Experience: Education: College salary is paid on time
No. 2107-2112, Building 14, Xingguangyao, Anji Road, Fengze District, Quanzhou CityTel: 13559627574 (Ms. Huang)
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Recruitment requirements:

Job responsibilities: Including (but not limited to) 1. Collection, numbering, transmission, urging, filing of internal and external documents of the company, and confidentiality work; 2. Drafting of the company's main documents, subscription of newspapers and magazines; 3. Notice of meetings, Records of important meetings and distribution of meeting minutes; 4. Management of the office; 5. Management of company signatures and certificates; 6. Maintenance of normal working order, arrangement of duty on duty and holidays; 7. Maintenance and management of office facilities; 8 Responsible for the company's daily public relations reception; 9. Assist in the management of human resources; 10. Responsible for the company's training plan, content, methods, and organization and implementation; 11. Responsible for the management of the personnel file system; 12. Responsible staff for credit and guarantee Custody and regular review; 13. Responsible for personnel statistics management; 14. Responsible for preparing monthly personnel-related reports; 15. Responsible for preparing company employee demand plans and employee recruitment; 16. Responsible for handling labor disputes of company employees; 17. Responsible for the assessment and salary management of the company's personnel; 18. Assist in the management of personnel matters; 19. Liaise with relevant departments And do a good job and coordination between the departments; 20. do ideological work of staff; 21. Complete other temporary work assigned. Qualifications: 1, 23-35 years old, good health. 2. College degree or above, major in human resources or administrative management; 3. More than one year of relevant work experience, with good language skills. Phone: Manager Li 155 8086 6262

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contact details:

Contact Information: Miss Huang
Phone: 13559627574 (Ms. Huang)

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