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Negotiable Reserve Cadres

诚聘英才 Quanzhou Youjiumei Trading Co., Ltd. is looking for talents
工资按时发放 Quanzhou Experience: Unlimited Education: College salary is paid on time
No. 2107-2112, Building 14, Xingguangyao, Anji Road, Fengze District, Quanzhou CityTel: 13559627574 (Ms. Huang)
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Recruitment requirements:

Job responsibilities: Including (but not limited to) 1. Regularly complete quantified work requirements under the leadership and supervision of superiors, and be able to independently handle and resolve the tasks they are responsible for; 2. Familiar with the basic situation of the company, understand departmental systems and corresponding positions Work responsibilities, master the overall workflow of the department 3. Complete the company's planning goals for each stage of personal growth of Chugan, and be able to quickly work in various positions through learning. 4. Provide constructive suggestions for the work of the department, assist the immediate superiors to do the job work and team management, assist the implementation and supervision of various plans; 5. Complete the other job temporary qualifications assigned by the superiors: 1. Skilled computer office software . 2. Excellent communication skills, full of pioneering and innovative consciousness, hardworking spirit. 3. Agile thinking, cheerful personality, teamwork spirit. 4. Work enthusiasm and enthusiasm, responsible, willing to take responsibility, and willing to make efforts to make themselves capable of taking responsibility. . 5. Handle interpersonal relationships with colleagues. 6. It can arouse enough interest of leaders, and always come up with a plan when the leaders think of problems. 7. Have the ability to execute and continuously learn, and whether they can calmly cope with changes and solve problems when performing tasks. 8. Fresh graduates or younger graduates soon. 9. No relevant work experience is willing to start from the grassroots. Directions: Take bus No. 3, 55, K307, K204, K2, or 34 to the front bus station.

Note : Part of the recruitment data on this site aggregates the recruitment data of many talent networks across the country. The position engine automatically crawls. Please identify the authenticity of the recruitment yourself to avoid being cheated.
contact details:

Contact Information: Miss Huang
Phone: 13559627574 (Ms. Huang)

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