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Planning Specialist: 3500-6000 yuan / month

诚聘英才 Quanzhou Youjiumei Trading Co., Ltd. is looking for talents
工资按时发放 Experience in Quanzhou: Education: College salary is paid on time
No. 2107-2112, Building 14, Xingguangyao, Anji Road, Fengze District, Quanzhou CityTel: 13559627574 (Ms. Huang)
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Recruitment requirements:

I. Job responsibilities: 1. Assist sales department and service department to complete daily affairs, such as writing bidding documents, handling contract and project quotation and other related work; 2. Completing collection and arrangement of various data during the project planning stage, and completing the preparation of some planning scheme And follow-up of the project results; 3. Responsible for the management, classification, sorting, filing and storage of the company's sales contracts and other documents; 4. Data collection, archiving, follow-up customer visits, satisfaction surveys, etc. after the project is closed Service work; 5. Assist in completing product inquiries and other matters required by the company's operation; 2. Qualifications: 1. College degree or above, have a good ability to write tender documents and copywriting skills, and have successful cases; 2. Yes Planning and graphic design, product design work experience is better; 3. Flexible mind, careful work, strong sense of professional responsibility and logical thinking, strong resistance to pressure; 4, good language skills and communication, coordination, and communication skills; 5. Have good living and working habits, strong learning ability, hands-on ability, enthusiasm for service 6. Skilled in using office office software and automation equipment, with basic network knowledge; [Benefits] 1. 8 hours a day, 5.5 days system; 2. Nationally prescribed holidays with paid holidays; 3. Enjoy birthday gifts prepared by the company; 4. Enjoy various activities such as Mid-Autumn Festival cakes, year-end pigtails, and dinners; 5. Good working environment, relaxed and passionate young team atmosphere. Directions: Take bus No. 3, 55, K307, K204, K2, or 34 to the front bus station.

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contact details:

Contact Information: Miss Huang
Phone: 13559627574 (Ms. Huang)

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