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Outreach Specialist: RMB 3500-4500 / month

诚聘英才 Jinjiang Lianxing Reflective Material Co., Ltd. is looking for talent
工资按时发放 Jinjiang City Experience: Education: College salary is paid on time
Lianxing Company, Nanxiamei Industrial Zone, Chenjing Town, Jinjiang City [You can bring the relevant documents to visit the exam directly] Tel: 0595-85095811 15960400460 15060972662
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Recruitment requirements:

Job contents: 1. Government outreach matters: application for patent projects; applications for well-known and famous trademarks; application for new product identification; project application filing subsidies; application for industry technology centers; application for high-tech enterprises and understanding of related preferential policies Application for various types of documents; statistical data for declaration; annual inspection of business licenses each year; declaration of subsidies for overseas participation; declaration and follow-up of science and technology projects; declaration of funding subsidies for each project; declaration of intellectual property rights 2. Non-governmental outreach matters: Links to the production of corporate CDs; links to the construction of corporate websites; links to intermediaries declared by related projects; etc. III. General secretary's affairs: the transmission, follow-up and feedback of the general manager's work instructions; master the schedule of the general manager, Make appointment appointments for leaders to meet visitors and arrange business trips; income management of important documents and materials, loan management, and file management; accept job assignments temporarily arranged by the General Manager's Office Job requirements: 1. College degree or above, major No limit, familiar with office software 2. Have more than one year of working experience in outreach 3. Hardship Labor, able to adapt to work overtime

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contact details:

Contact Information: Xiao Pan / Xiao Zeng
Phone: 0595-85095811 15960400460 15060972662

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