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Quanzhou Wanyuda Textile & Garment Co., Ltd.

生产/营运/采购/物流|合资企业| 50-200人 Jinjiang City | Production / Operation / Purchasing / Logistics | Joint Ventures | 50-200 people
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Company Profile

 ☆ Stay tuned for our brand STANNO and sincerely invite distributors nationwide ; ☆ Contact line: 0595-855268170595-85597817 ext. 7709
; ☆
 ☆ Taiwan-funded company Manuida, a key IPO support company in Fujian for the 2018 IPO; The Olympic National Team of the Netherlands invites clothing and equipment supply and comprehensive strategic partners.
2017 Guangzhou R & F Football Academy specially invited the clothing equipment sponsorship and strategic partner company to be a subsidiary of the Taiwan-funded Yulon Group. The group was established in Taiwan. The group's industrial business covers textile industry, financial derivatives investment, and asset management company (Hengtong Asset Management Company). Pawn shops (Hengtong pawn shops), micro-loan companies (Hengyutong micro-loans), and mobile e-commerce. Wanyuda Textile was established in 1994. It integrates design, production, development, and sales as a whole. It has a unique operating system for football, unique football professional sports equipment, professional football coaches in Europe, and high-level professional football equipment. ,produce. The company has been adhering to the business philosophy of high-quality, high-tech innovation and development. Our partners have established a strategic cooperative relationship with well-known international sports brands for more than 20 years. The club designates professional football equipment suppliers, such as the Italian Football Association (AIA), Croatia's DINAMO, Spain's OSASUNA and LEVANTEU.D, Manchester United, Arsenal And other professional teams. Brands include Nike, Adidas, Fila, Diadora and other well-known brands.
Our products include a variety of market-leading high value-added functions in the research and development of fabrics, such as electrical conductivity, antistatic, high waterproof, high air permeability, and other functions, which have greatly improved the product industry test standards and industry barriers. The Group has been focusing on increasing the core competitiveness of enterprise products for many years, making full use of the internal and external resources of the Group to successfully use nano high-tech technology, and launching a new generation of smart clothing products to keep consumers comfortable and feel dry and cool at the same time. Exercise data.
The company is willing to share platform resources, and look forward to energetic, positive and innovative people to join the team. 15% of the company's annual turnover is invested as a corporate development fund for employees, which enhances corporate social responsibility and broadly meets the needs of colleagues. It will provide each employee with reasonable and satisfactory salary, broad career development channels, and a good and harmonious working atmosphere. To help each of my colleagues realize their personal value as the company grows.
Please stay tuned to our brand STANNO and sincerely invite distributors ; Contact line: 0595-855268170595-85597817 ext. 7709
Man Yueda attaches great importance to the construction of corporate culture, employee welfare and social welfare, and regards people-oriented and honest management as its own and enterprise management concepts. The company advocates building a community of interests and a community of life between the company and its employees, and regards social responsibility as the ultimate goal of the company; it advocates building the company into a warm home for employees, a successful school, and a stage for entrepreneurship. The company vigorously improves the working and living conditions of employees, and pays attention to the protection of employees' legitimate rights and interests and the improvement of welfare benefits.
Integrity, dedication, enterprising and win-win situation! It is our driving force and our constant commitment.
Creating comfortable clothing and improving human life is our great goal to go forward!
Salary: Provide competitive salary and promotion space according to the nature of the job;
Employee benefits:
1. Medical social insurance: provide five insurances such as old-age care, maternity, unemployment, work injury, and medical care;
2. Paid holidays: statutory holidays, 1 day off per week;
3. Provide accommodation: equipped with water heaters, internet, separate toilets, etc., set up husband and wife room;
4. Meal subsidies: Provide meal supplements and set up welfare canteens (3 yuan / meal).
5. Regularly organize May 1st, Mid-Autumn Festival cakes, National Day, and End of the Year activities, and organize various activities from time to time to enhance cohesion;
6. Leisure and entertainment: equipped with entertainment facilities.
Getting there:
1. Quanzhou: Quanzhou New Station, Quanzhou-Tatou bus (get off at the entrance of Wanyuda under Dongshilong);
2. Shishi: Shishi Clothing City Terminal, Shishi-Dongshi Bus (5 minutes to Dongshi by bus);
3. Jinjiang: Or take bus No. 35/36 and get off at Dongshi Zhendong Station;
4. Anhai: No. 35 and No. 36 buses can reach the factory entrance;
5. Yinglin / Jinjing: Take bus 36 and get off at Dongshi Zhendong Station (that is, the entrance of Wanyuda Company)

contact details
人事部 Miss Zhou Personnel Department
When contacting me, please say you saw it on Quanzhou Talent Network
Phone: 0595-85584272
Website: 362300
Address: Wanyuda Textile & Garment Co., Ltd.
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