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Quanzhou Taoli Education Consulting Co., Ltd.

咨询/法律/教育/科研|合资企业| 50-200人 Fengze District | Consulting / Legal / Education / Research | Joint Ventures | 50-200 people
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Taoli Education Corporate Culture Here is where the dreams of famous schools take off! This is where ambitious ambitions are practiced! Here is where the fragrance of peaches and plums blooms! Eight years ago, Taoli education originated in Fuzhou, Fujian Province, and is jointly organized by experienced gold medal teachers in various disciplines To run the school, it has established campuses in Gulou District of Fuzhou and Huli District of Xiamen. Carrying the trust of countless parents, the students of Tao Li Education were quickly spread throughout the Great Wall, and the fragrance of Tao Li Education overflowed the north and the south. Taoli here means that the world is Taoli. This is not only the pride of Tao Li Education, but also the original intention of Tao Li Education. Confucius said: The one who knows is worse than the one who is good, and the one who is good is not as good as one who is happy. Today's Taoli education is to take music as the soul of culture, make education worry-free as its mission, make students learn more effectively, and truly have a way to re-implement unique education concepts. With the wave of industry development, continue to grow and develop Constantly optimize your organization and operations as you develop. Taoli Education has undergone a transformation from the more it understands education, the more it trusts Taoli, the establishment of an education and training school that affects a child's life, and the worry-free education of education, eventually forming a characteristic corporate culture of revitalizing schools with morals and morality. Teachers are the first resource of education. Good teachers represent a good school. There are many teachers at Taoli Education including senior middle school teachers, subject leaders, winners of high-quality courses at all levels, Orsay gold coaches ... This professional teacher team dedicated to education is diligent and hardworking, and leads children with love and wisdom They grow up healthily and happily. In the selection and employment of talents, Taoli Education adheres to the principle of rather than lacking excesses, meritocracy, and adheres to two aspects: First, strictly select and train teachers, build a platform for exchange between new and old teachers, and organize weekly assessment activities. Through teaching, listening, and evaluation, the teaching level has been steadily rising. The second is to set up an education research center, always paying attention to the background of education, the latest education and teaching theories, breaking the tradition, and constantly trying and innovating new teaching methods. Sticking to the form, the content is wonderful but not the routine. It is both grounded and rigorous, and constantly improves the teaching system with the characteristics of Tao Li education. The key to making education worry-free is to make students worry-free. To this end, Taoli Education adheres to a student-centered approach, respects student personality and individual differences in teaching methods, and provides one-on-one, regular small classes, gifted classes, and art test text supplements. Class and other teaching modes, teaching according to their aptitude, and strive to overtake the curve to win the college entrance examination. Because of this, Taoli education can truly make parents worry about Taoli, students worry about Taoli, society worry about Taoli, and the teaching results have been affirmed by all sectors of society. Tao Liren's corporate culture is: hard work, unified teachers, unified management, and unified services, creating a high-end brand of extracurricular tutoring in primary and secondary schools in southern Fujian. Tao Liren's spirit: passion, integrity, professionalism, Tao Li everywhere.

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Teacher Zhang
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Mobile: 18841627650
Website: 362300
Address: No. 119 Shenghu Road, Fengze District, Quanzhou
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