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Xiamen Meijiawei Food Co., Ltd.

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Company Profile

Xiamen Meijiawei Food Co., Ltd. is a food company with more than 20 years of production experience, integrating design and development of new products, manufacturing, sales and service. The company has strong technical force, has independent research and development center, laboratory, professional production equipment and 300,000-level clean production workshop, etc., can meet the needs of mass production. Production management is carried out by technical staff who have many years of experience in producing infant rice noodles. Strict quality control is carried out in every link from formula design, raw material selection, process flow, inspection analysis, and packaging and delivery. The company has served the public as its mission and the people's health as its goal, striving for the creation of Chinese famous brands. And successively won the China Food Safety Annual Conference hosted by the nine national ministries and commissions, the eighth and ninth food safety demonstration units and advanced food safety management enterprise honors. The company attaches great importance to product quality, adheres to the corporate positioning of a manufacturer dedicated to human health, unswervingly controls quality, and firmly believes that quality is the only way for enterprises to occupy the market, and that quality is the lifeline of enterprises. Under the company's tenet of survival by quality, development by reputation, and professionalism, and the guidance of making high-quality products, we have taken the first step to success. After entering the market with its excellent quality, the small star nutritional rice flour products produced by our company are deeply loved by the vast number of consumers. Welcome friends from all walks of life to come to our company to visit and guide. Company Name: Xiamen Meijiawei Food Co., Ltd. Telephone: 0592-6253800

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Chen Yangfan
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Phone: 0592-6253800
Website: 362300
Address: Second floor, Phase III, No. 23, Ridong Road
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